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What is the Adam Gold Playoff Model?

At the 2012 Sloan Sports Conference, one of the presenters was a University of Missouri PhD student named Adam Gold. He had been looking for a new system that would discourage NHL teams from losing on purpose in order to secure a better position in the NHL entry draft. There are a number of ways of demonstrating that teams make themselves less competitive (or temporarily stop trying to make themselves more competitive) especially near the end of the season, which makes for uninteresting hockey and almost forces fans to cheer for their own team to lose. The NHL has made the draft more random, but others have looked for more creative ways to make this race more entertaining.

Gold's idea is simply that the first overall draft pick should be given to the team that accumulates the most points after they are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. I'm not wanting to argue in this space the extent to which the plan would work or, the extent to which the perceived problems need to be fixed, but I do think the idea is worth considering.

Despite this model's simplicity, sometimes it is difficult to calculate, and so for the following reasons there might be a dispute between the records various people are keeping (as has happened in the past):